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Tank solar energy, charge green, live smart!

Discover the most powerful solar carport to build yourself!

✓ High quality DIY style solar carport!
✓ 3.6 kW to 11 kW charging station
✓ Connection of modular SunLit storage systems with up to 17.2 kWh output
✓ Island-capable thanks to independent power supply
✓ Plug-in mini PV system with modular design
✓ Due to its size, construction normally requires no permits and no electrician
✓ Matched and combinable with Shelly Pro 3EM and all SunLit products

Live the future of parking and charging with SunLit SolarDRIVE consisting of

TWIN Solar Carport Base

✓ High-quality aluminum base frame with tested German structural engineering and a roof pitch of 7 degrees

✓ Incl. trapezoidal sheets and PV module holders

✓ Dimensions: 5.28 m (depth), 5.5 m (width), 3.16 m entry/exit height at the front and 2.51 m entry/exit height at the rear

SunLit balcony power plant storage BK215

✓ Proven quality and features

✓ Expandable to up to 2x storage towers with 4 SunLit storage units each for a maximum storage capacity of up to 17.2 kWh!

Aurora 11 Wallbox

✓ 11kW input/output power

✓ excellent industrial design for a pleasant user experience

✓ Connect to any backend based on OCPP 1.6J protocol

✓ Support 4G, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and RS485

Austa 430 Wp solar modules

✓ Up to 12 ultra-modern, powerful solar modules in a set

✓ Up to 5.16 kWp module output when using 12 solar modules of 430Wp each

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